iHorizons has partnered with “Taawon” Welfare Association to provide humanitarian aid and support relief initiatives in Palestine. Read More

Doha, Qatar – December 10, 2023 

As the Israeli aggressions against civilians in Gaza continue, iHorizons reiterates its position in standing with Palestine and extends its help to those who are in need, providing humanitarian assistance and support to the people of Gaza in cooperation with Taawon (Welfare Association), a non-governmental organization, founded in Geneva 1983 dedicated to promoting the steadfastness of Palestinians in Palestine -. In addition, iHorizons’ employees launched a voluntary initiative to support relief efforts in Palestine. 

“The strength and courage of the Palestinian people are an inspiration to the world, and we are glad to contribute our efforts to support them during this challenging period,” said Muhammed Takriti, CEO of iHorizons. “We are honored to support Taawon in their efforts to provide relief to the people of Palestine.” 

Since its establishment, 40 years ago, Taawon has invested funds reaching nearly US $900 million, dedicated to development and relief programs to support the Palestinian people. Also, the organization runs programs for the holistic support of orphans, and community development, encompassing support for the health sector, education, art, culture, and the rehabilitation of homes and buildings. 

“Taawon is grateful for the unwavering support offered by iHorizons during these challenging times for the Palestinian people. iHorizons' commitment to aiding our relief efforts in Gaza is a testament to the belief that, together, we can make a difference in the face of adversity. We look forward to the positive influence we can achieve collectively in providing essential aid and restoring hope to the affected communities,” said Dr. Aida A. Essaid, Director General of Taawon. 

In times of crisis, the global community must unite, and through our joint effort with Taawon Welfare Association, we are committed to contributing not only to immediate relief efforts but also to the long-term well-being and resilience of the affected communities. Together, we believe in the power of collective action to bring about positive change and create a path towards a more secure and hopeful future. You can also join us on this mission by contributing through the links below: 

Online donations: www.taawon.org/donate 

Transfer and Inquiries: rdcteam@taawon.org 

Amman: +962791586181 

Ramallah: +97022415130 


About Taawon (Welfare Association) 

Taawon Welfare Association is a non-profit, civic organization launched in Geneva in the year 1983, upon the initiative of a group of Palestinian and Arab economists and intellectuals. The organization has become one of the largest organizations operating in Palestine and the diaspora camps in Lebanon, whereby it touches the lives of more than one million Palestinians on an annual basis, with half of these beneficiaries being women. Since its establishment, 40 years ago, Taawon has invested funds reaching nearly US $900 million, dedicated to development and relief programs to support the Palestinian people. 



To enhance support for the Gaza Strip, Taawon established an office in Gaza city in 1993, serving the whole area of the Gaza Strip through partnerships with several Implementing Partners, like: 

1. The Palestinian Red Crescent, Abdel Shafi Community Health Association 

2. Beit Lahia Development Association 

3. Maan Development Center 

4. Union of Agricultural Works Committees 


About iHorizons 

iHorizons is a leading provider of business solutions and technology services across the MENA region. Headquartered in Doha, Qatar, iHorizons helps organizations, businesses, and governments accelerate their business transformation to create a digital future. The ultimate outcomes are radically improved customer experiences and increased operational efficiencies. 



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