Research & Development

    iHorizons has 2 labs for research and development, at JUST (Jordan University of Science and Technology) and QSTP (Qatar Science and Technology Park). At these labs, we are engineering applications in new markets such as Arabic language technologies, wireless services and enterprise knowledge tools. We are also pursuing joint projects with various Qatar Foundation and QSTP members. Our R& D work focuses on developing innovative software applications based on the latest technologies. We offer managing IT infrastructure services for our clients, providing them as well technical support and we market and sell our company products. iHorizons developed an advanced search engine that makes Arabic search easier, faster and more accurate, bridging the existing gap in the Arab search market Masabeeh.

    Furthermore, It focuses on developing enterprise solutions that enable organizations to create and deploy corporate-wide knowledge portals, Internet websites and eBusiness applications in an easy and cost effective way. The company develops scalable and platform-independent Content Management products and is introducing new technologies to fulfill new customer needs. Solutions developed will be provided in several models, including a cloud-based model and a licensed model, branded as iHorizons Knowledge Server. Focusing on its core competency of software development, the company conducts R&D activities that aim to develop new applications in various areas including eLearning, wireless information services, media applications and Arabic search. It develops and offers products and services in the area of Arabic language processing technologies, targeting both corporate clients and individual users and has various models that suit the academic and business sectors. iHorizons also focuses on developing extensions to existing open source content management products with the aim of enhancing their functionality and usability. The company has a roster of world-class clients in diverse sectors