Arabic Language Technologies

    Through our research and development subsidiaries at QSTP and JUST we are engineering applications in new markets such as Arabic language technologies, wireless services, and enterprise knowledge tools. iHorizons is also pursuing joint projects with various Qatar Foundation and QSTP members. It focuses on developing innovative software applications based on the latest technologies. iHorizons also offers managing IT infrastructure services for its clients, provides technical support and markets, and sells the company’s products.

    One of our end products is an advanced search engine that makes Arabic search easier, faster and more accurate, bridging the existing gap in the Arab search market. Furthermore, It focuses on developing enterprise solutions that enable organizations to create and deploy corporate-wide knowledge portals, Internet websites and eBusiness applications in an easy and cost effective way. This product is called “Masabeeh”.

    The second end-product recently developed is iHorizons social media analytics tool that includes a collection of models and algorithms to provide insight on and extract knowledge from Arabic content generated on the Social networks, Arabic blogs, news media, and large bodies of text, user-generated comments, article ratings, and forthcoming mediums. Users can receive analytics with a better understanding of user sentiments and behavior dynamics. This product is called “Zarqa Al Yamama”. Focusing on its core competency of software development, the company conducts R&D activities that aim to develop new applications in various areas including eLearning, wireless information services, media applications and Arabic search. It develops and offers products and services in the area of Arabic language processing technologies, targeting both corporate clients and individual users and has various models that suit the academic and business sectors. The company has a roster of world-class clients in diverse sectors, which includes Her Highness Office, ictQatar, Doha Institute, Qatar Insurance Company, Arab Scientific Community Organization and various agencies in Qatar.