The Leading Arabic News Management Solution

    Our flagship product, iHorizons Knowledge Server, is a powerful Arabic web content management system that powers some of the world’s largest Arabic news portals, like Al Jazeera Network. It provides a combination of advanced web content management features with news-specific workflow management functionality suitable for large online news operations. Customers who use iHorizons Knowledge Server include:


    1. Rich Content Creation and Publishing:

    iHorizons Knowledge Server makes it possible to publish content in various media formats including the web, enterprise intranets and extranets, wireless devices (using the WAP technology), and Pocket PCs. The system was designed to provide core support for the Arabic language using standard Unicode technology. Both the system interface and the end pages provide full support for Arabic and other languages. These features make iHorizons Knowledge Server popular with some of the largest Arabic media organizations, which have chosen iHorizons Knowledge Server to power their portals.

    2. Advanced Information Architecture:

    iHorizons Knowledge Server is powered by the most advanced Internet and information architecture technologies. By separating the presentation layer (using flexible templates and themes) from the content layer (using XML and relational databases), the system allows the highest degree of flexibility in terms of layout design and redesign and for an infinite number of delivery media (Web, WAP, Pocket PC, Printers, etc.), including future media types that are not available today. This architecture also enables organizations to maximize the value of their content by resourcing and syndicating it with other entities for mutual benefits or set fees.

    3. A Comprehensive Approach:

    The extent of tools that iHorizons Knowledge Server provides makes it an ideal solution for several business applications including: Web Publishing: for news and content portals

    eCommerce: virtual storefronts and content syndication
    eBusiness: enterprise portals and partner extranets
    Interactive Communities: live voting and discussion groups
    Online Education: distance learning and web-based training

    4. Unique Functionality:

    The features mentioned above are only part of what makes this system comprehensive and unique. Some of the other features include:

    Support for rich content (text, images, audio/video, files)
    Advanced workflow and role task assignment and tracking
    Real-time content synchronization
    One-click publishing
    Easy content retrieval and updating
    Thin client, browser-based interface: system accessible anytime anywhere in the world industry stan
    Rich text composing and editing tools
    Version control
    Content syndication and capturing using industry standard News ML

    Start now and become part of the global eBusiness revolution. Manage and deploy your high-value content using iHorizons Knowledge Server and expand your services to reach the world.