Supreme Judicial Council of Qatar drives efficiencies by digitally transforming the Amanat (Trust Fund) System with iHorizons


    Challenge The Supreme Judicial Council of Qatar was looking to streamline its management of huge volumes of trust funds and drive efficiencies by automating the Amanat (Trust Fund) System. SJC was in need of an agile technology platform with a clear future roadmap, providing insights into the Amanat process with an aim to enable more informed decisions, greater processing speed and reduced costs. Considering the scope of the services provided by SJC, any solution deployed needed state-of-the-art security protocols, easy integration with external systems and applications (banks, corporates and other entities), along with compliance of all regulatory and audit requirements of SJC and the state of Qatar. From the ruling issued by the court to the recovery of funds for the beneficiary, an automated Amanat system was the need of the hour to ensure justice was served on time, every time.


    Solution Answering the call to support SJC’s digital transformation journey, iHorizons, along with a very enthusiastic and supportive team at SJC, designed, developed and delivered a robust, integrated business solution to drive efficiencies across the value chain. most suitable business process automation technologies. The solution provided SJC with the tools to radically improve their systems with world-class, process oriented software, which they could use to continuously innovate and execute their operations with greater speed, flexibility and clarity. Coupled with relevant complementary solutions for customer experience and data integration, SJC was fully equipped to transform the Amanat System and take it to new heights.

    Business Impact
    Faster Processing Time Faster payments and collection using different channels. Assisting the Judge and saving time with better visibility and accurate information.
    Increased Efficiency 70% reduction in time spent completing new digital processes relative to previous paper-based processes.
    Accessibility Safe and secure integration enabled all stakeholders, internal or external, to easily be given access to the system to ensure smooth operations and quick turnaround time. 
    Public Satisfaction Any individual can view the status of the case he/she is involved in through digital channels and stay updated, providing certainty to the public and reducing complaints.
    Automated Communication Official digital communication channels with stakeholders enabled.
    Increased Transparency Allows more accurate information to the public, improved public confidence in the judicial system.
    Management of anonymous deposits
    Experts management
    Integration with Case Management System
    Automatic retrieval of verdicts
    Accuracy of itemization of verdicts
    Issue financial statement in seconds
    Customer Testimonial

    "We are incredibly grateful for the efforts of the iHorizons team in automating the Amanat system. Their commitment, dedication and expertise were second to none. This was a unique project with many big challenges, and we could not be happier with their team"

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